About Us

We at Ayurveda in Life help people live a healthy life.

Dr. Ram Gopal Agarwal (Ayurvedic Doctor, RMP certified) belongs comes from the family that has been practising the science of ayurvedic medicine from seven long generations. The inheritance of ancient ayurvedic knowledge adds to the degree of 'Ayurveda Ratna' he holds. From more than four decades, Dr. Agarwal has been practicing ayurveda medicine and has been providing consultancy and treatment for various health related problems. Some of his major areas of expertise and success stories revolve around the treatment of piles (cure of piles), Likoria, Jaundice, and several gastric problems.

Ayurveda in life is a vision by Mr. Agarwal to reach to the masses and help treat as many patients. He strongly believes in his family inheritance and the power of ayurvedic treatments, and believes that ayurveda is not just an effective way of eradicating rigid diseases, but is also highly affordable which makes it accessible to all.