I was living a painful and disturbed life for almost 10 years due to piles. I kept no stone unturned to get rid of it. But, it was only after i consulted Dr. Agarwal that i understood the advantages of Ayurvedic medicines. I am highly grateful to Ayurveda in Life and Dr. Ram Gopal, my 10 years of suffering finally ended.*

Since childhood i have been dependent on modern day medicines and drugs for any kind of health problem. I always thought that ayurvedic treatments are extremely slow and was not even sure how effective they would be. Ayurveda in Life changed my point of view completely. Not only it was effective, it hardly took anytime to cure my diabetes.*

I had Fisstula, for which doctors recommended operation, but I though to take some alternative treatment and came across your website. It was a great releive to hear from you that it can be treated by ayurvedic medicines. I started taking the medicines and withing 2 weeks it started showing the improvements. It took just a month to cure it and make me live a healthy life. Thank You.*

I had Piles for 2 years and it got cured faster than I expected.*

The best thing is, your medicines shows quick result and have no side-effects.*

I visited Ayurveda in Life when on vacation in Rajasthan. I got help with my sinus pain, brought on by pollution and air travel. I also got help with ongoing neck pain. It was my first time visiting an ayevedic doctor and I will definitely go again. They took their time and provided immediate treatment as well as a course of treatment to treat the underlying issues. *